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Probate Litigation

The Law Offices of Peter R. Bornstein is experienced in the handling of disputes involving decedent’s estates, guardians and conservators. These disputes are usually brought and tried in the probate courts of Colorado. Attorney Bornstein brings to bear his skills as a trial lawyer to assist individuals and families in probate court proceedings.

How Probate Works In Colorado

When someone dies the law of probate and estates comes into play. Probate involves the division and distribution of the property of an individual who has either left a will or who did not leave a will (which is called intestate).

Colorado is one of a handful of states that simplified its probate procedure so that it is not complicated or expensive. However, if a dispute arises over the handling of the estate by the personal representative, between heirs and family members, over the capacity of the deceased to make a valid will, or several other problem areas, probate can become very complicated. In such cases you need the assistance of a capable and experienced lawyer. On the other hand, sometimes the personal representative needs a lawyer to defend against false claims.

Wills, Trusts And Intestate Succession

Attorney Bornstein is experienced in probate and estate administration matters involving will contests, disputed trusts, intestate succession problems and other matters.

Guardianships And Conservatorships

People who become physically or mentally incapacitated often need guardians and conservators. Guardians are approved to make medical and life decisions or take care of incapacitated persons. Conservators are approved to handle the financial affairs of incapacitated persons. These people are held to a high standard of behavior and are called, in the law, fiduciaries.

Normally these guardians and conservators act prudently and in the best interest of the ward. However, that is not always true. When problems arise and fiduciaries violate their duties or breach their trust, you need the assistance of a capable and experienced lawyer to seek a resolution to the problem. On the other hand, sometimes fiduciaries are sued and need to defend their actions.

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